Social Innovation Hub

Social Innovation Hub (SIH)

  • Innovative business ideas and projects kicking off from campus
  • Students becoming more equipped with skills and knowledge needed to enter the labor market
  • Collaboration and interaction among universities, students and the private sector
The SIH is an innovation space within universities designed to help students transform their innovative business and social business ideas into real projects. This is done through providing space for students to explore their ideas, receive placements and innovative learning opportunities including trainings, coaching, and financing opportunities. The social innovation hub will focus in its curricula and programs on encouraging entrepreneurship, providing business-planning support, and creating opportunities for placement and external learning services.

The SIH works through:
  • A real space within universities, supporting youth innovation in business, social, and community initiatives
  • A training and coaching program to promote entrepreneurship and support socially innovative ideas
  • Business planning and financial support for innovative businesses ideas

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